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    Hello NAEA,  I need names and contact information for a feature story in the WSJ of your most dramatic and traumatic preparation experience due to the TCJA, specifically where a client totally freaked out over having to pay instead of getting a refund.  ...

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    RE: 1041 Return

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    Assuming the decedent (trustee's mother) had a "pour-over" Will, naming the trust as the sole residuary beneficiary of her estate, I concur with Gerald Weiss's recommendation.  Is the trustee/son also the executor named under the Will?  If so, he can ...

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    I must say that you've prepared this question very carefully and researched it just as carefully. As noted in the PLR - that specific case may or may NOT be used as precedent setting. There is a Chief Counsel contact you can call for Sec 25D -Residential ...