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    IRS only charged me self-employment tax on the 1099 income issued to me personally from the broker.  There was no self-employment tax assessed on my other S corp income from my tax and accounting practice. ------------------------------ Valerie McLaughlin ...

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    The entire $140,000 is for your client's share of the land. None of this can be considered as a return of capital for the condo since it was solely for sale of the land. You'll have to determine the original cost of the land, which you can probably ...

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    Basis in RE Sale

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    ​​Dear Wise Ones, Here's one I haven't seen before and need your input.  Client bought a condo after the crash in 2008 for $250,000.  Part of that purchase was improved land owned in common with the Homeowners Association.  The HO sold the land and my ...

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